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"There were hurricanes, but this was the one that kinda put it all in perspective. Nothing even came close. It was shocking to know that the Atlantic Ocean is in your living room." Stephen Schneider Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey "Everywhere you looked it was a major catastrophe. But we made lemons out of lemonade. We put Humpty Dumpty back together again." William Gehlhaus Keansburg, New Jersey "We just couldn’t get back into town, the water was just coming and coming. A very disheartening feeling. You go through your whole career wanting to help people. It wasn’t easy." John Barcus Mantoloking, New Jersey "It is kind of frustrating. We just hear them saying ‘The shore’s back, the shore’s great!’ Everything at the shore, it’s not back." Brian Garofalo Seaside Heights, New Jersey "If the impact is five feet of water coming into your house, quite frankly you should not worry whether it’s being caused by a hurricane, a nor’easter, or the Martians. You should worry that there is five feet of water that could be in your house." Gary Szatkowski Mount Holly, New Jersey "This was the big one. There were times when people felt like they cried wolf. This was definitely wolf. It was really our worst nightmare come true." Jane Marion Normandy Beach, New Jersey “We had a zombie walk last week in Seaside. We carried a sign that said, ‘Not even Sandy can keep us down, The Ultimate Scholar II, back from the dead and after you.’” Toms River, New Jersey Nicki Cordi "We had a lot of damage to the natural infrastructure, the dune systems. That is okay…that’s the way it’s supposed to work." Ray Bukowski Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

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