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Point Pleasant Beach

In The Wake of The Storm

Gerald Meaney, a New Jersey native, was living in Point Pleasant at the time of Hurricane Sandy. He is a former captain of the EMS squad. During Hurricane Sandy he was a volunteer first responder for the Point Pleasant, Bay Head and Mantoloking area. In his narrative, he shares his experience in the wake of the storm.

A Thief in the Night

Susan Dietz has lived in Point Pleasant Beach with her husband for over 43 years. During Hurricane Sandy, her husband was out of town; she rode out the storm inside of her hilltop mansion with her daughter and two grandchildren. In her narrative, Susan discusses the unusual flood damages to her house that forced her family to leave the home they had lived in for 38 years and undergo a recovery process that is still not totally complete over a year after the storm. Susan also discusses how her humble work with the recovery efforts of her local fire department in the days after the storm shaped her perspective of the devastation.

We wanted to get the people out

Kyle Grace is a police officer and deputy emergency management coordinator in charge of operations in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. During Hurricane Sandy, he was the incident commander in charge of all tactical decisions being made throughout the storm and its immediate aftermath. In this capacity he helped to coordinate the response of the Fire Department, Police Department, Emergency Management, Public Works, and other municipal entities. In his narrative, he talks about coordinating the evacuation of Point Pleasant Beach prior to the storm, as well as the actions taken by first responders in the storm’s aftermath.

Shore 2 Recover

Toni Pecunia lives in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, where she also manages a café. Hurricane Sandy left her home severely damaged and her business without electricity for about two weeks. Seeing the devastation that the storm inflicted on her community, she decided to found a non-profit organization, Shore 2 Recover, to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. In her narrative, she speaks of her experiences during the storm, as well as the work of the relief organization she founded.

We have so many people to lean on

Angela and Daniel O’Cone are high school teachers living in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. They bought and renovated a new home less than a year before Hurricane Sandy caused severe damage to it. While trying to rebuild, they faced many challenges in attempting to claim their losses from insurance companies. Luckily they had the support of their friends and family to help them every step of the way.

A local weather sensation

Bob “Weatherman” Burger is a longtime resident of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. After retiring from the Island Heights Police Department in the 1990s, he focused his energies on a long-time hobby: meteorology. He developed a Facebook page to provide local weather forecasts to Point Pleasant and surrounding communities. During Hurricane Sandy, thousands of citizens from the Jersey Shore relied heavily on for storm related information. A year after the storm, Burger discloses what it was like to be an unsung hero during a time of crisis.

Something that brings us together, as a community, in a weird way

Megan Miller is a special education teacher who works in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. She and her husband (at the time fiancé) own a home in the Township of Brick. During Hurricane Sandy they acted as First Responders, assisting people and aiding in evacuations throughout Point Pleasant. The following day, they discovered that the storm had caused severe damage to their home. In her narrative, Meghan speaks of their actions during the storm, and the challenges they have faced in rebuilding their home. She also mentions her visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which she discovered that Ellen had generously agreed to help rebuild their home.

There was nothing you could do, other than all you could

Harry “Chip” DiCorcia, has been a resident of Point Pleasant Beach for all his life. During Hurricane Sandy he worked with the first aid squad to help those in danger. In the aftermath he helped to transform the Durand Masonic Lodge into a support center for helping those affected by the storm. In his interview, Chip shines light on both positive and negative experiences post- Sandy. He gives his regards to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to help those in need.

It was a losing battle

Stephen Schneider has lived in Point Pleasant, New Jersey for nearly all of his life. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and currently works as an operations manager for a solar energy company. During Hurricane Sandy, he stayed in his home and watched as over a foot of ocean water inundated his living room. In this narrative, Steven recalls the devastation that afflicted his community and comments on the challenges of recovery.