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Sea Bright

We were geared up to fight the storm

Dave Estelle is a retired police officer who has lived in Sea Bright, New Jersey, all his life. He is currently the captain of the First Aid Squad, and has helped to organize responses to several hurricanes including Sandy. During Sandy, he was forced evacuate all first responders temporarily due to the storm’s intensity. In the aftermath, he worked for about two months straight helping the people of Sea Bright to recover. In this narrative, Dave Estelle talks about his personal reaction to the storm, the emergency calls he received as a first responder, and the recovery of the town of Sea Bright.

We visited and couldn't look away

Chad Carson is the New Jersey director of St. Bernard Project. Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2006, the Project works to rebuild homes destroyed in natural disasters. Since 2013, it has been working in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey. Born in Texas and living in New Orleans during Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey is not where Chad expected to end up. In this narrative, Chad discusses the work of the St. Bernard Project and its commitment to rebuilding homes destroyed in the storm.