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Toms River

We were those people on TV

Bob Peck was working at his local hospital when Superstorm Sandy hit Toms River. Since junior year of high school in 1968, Bob has lived and worked in Toms River, and is intimately familiar with his hometown. A year later, he reflects on the tremendous impact the storm had on his community of 44 years, and shares his views on the rebuilding process.

Rescuing people and pigs

Paul Daley has resided in Toms River, New Jersey since 1970. During Hurricane Sandy, he served as Acting Coordinator for the township’s Office of Emergency Management. A year after the storm, Daley reflects on his experiences with Emergency Services as they responded to those in need. His story shows the importance of being prepared for potential disasters, as well as the ways in which the storm brought out the best in his community.

It Was Real Good at Making You Feel Helpless

Richard Nauyoks has lived on the bay in Toms River for over thirty years. He and his seventy-four year old mother stayed with friends during Superstorm Sandy and they returned to a damaged home and a transformed town. A year after the storm, Richard reflects on both the immediate and continuing impacts that Sandy has had on his life. Sandy changed his perception about living at the edge of the Atlantic and has caused him to look at the future with apprehension.