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Let’s try it, see what we can do

Thomas Herrington is a Professor of Coastal Engineering and Director of the Ocean Engineering Program at Stevens Institute for Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. In his research, he focuses on coastal protection and long-term coastal stability. In his narrative, Thomas talks about his work since Hurricane Sandy, which has focused on strengthening the state’s response to hurricanes and other storm disasters, as well reducing its vulnerability in the long-term. He notes that the storm has created a renewed push for projects aimed at shoreline resiliency and sustainability.

You become resilient

Dr. Alan Blumberg is a resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, and is professor of Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. In his job, he studies hurricanes, storm surges, and climate change. He looks at how these affect people who live on coastlines, and he also studies methods of building resilience for future storms. Dr. Blumberg is the Director of the Davidson Laboratory at Stevens, and he is also the founder of NYHOPS, a system designed to alert the public about upcoming storm surges. In his narrative, he discusses his research as it relates to Hurricane Sandy and the development of weathering technologies.

The weather doesn't stop

Gary Szatkowski is Chief Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, New Jersey. During the lead up to Hurricane Sandy, he managed the forecasts of the NWS, and made sure that emergency managers, government officials, and the general public were aware of the potential impacts of the storm. In the aftermath, he helped to keep his staff in high spirits and made sure the forecasts continued going out. In his narrative, he shares his thoughts on what the NWS did right and what they have learned from the storm, as well as his experiences during the storm

A precarious, dangerous place to build and protect

Sarah Bowen works as an Urban Planner and Project Manager at Michael Baker International, a firm that provides engineering services for public and private sector clients worldwide. For the past several years, she has worked on projects aimed at helping Jersey Shore communities to mitigate the effects of floods and other disasters, including the Ocean County Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Long-Term Recovery Plan for Ocean County. In her narrative, Sarah discusses how Hurricane Sandy has affected shore communities, and how she is working to ensure that such destruction is avoided in the future.