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We are in the business of children

Lisa Hannah is the Principal and Director of Curriculum at Belmar Elementary School in Belmar, New Jersey. Although the school only lost electricity in the storm, the town itself faced devastation. As a school principal, Lisa Hannah became involved in the storm response and recovery to ensure all her students were safe and provided with necessary supplies. Beyond providing tangible supplies, Lisa Hannah also offered emotional support to help students recover from the trauma of the storm.

Where does a family of surfers go?

Krista Sperber is a graphic designer who lives with her family in Belmar, New Jersey. As a result of Hurricane Sandy, her home was submerged in salt water for seven days. Unfortunately that was just the start of their difficulties. For the past two years, Krista and her family have been struggling to receive any sort of compensation from insurance. Fortunately for them, the community has responded with generous support, and with the help of the Home for Summer program and the Saint Bernard project they are rebuilding their home. She is now working with the New Jersey Organizing Project, a network of people working to ensure that Sandy victims have a full and fair recovery.

A storm like no one alive has ever seen

Matthew Doherty is the Mayor of Belmar, New Jersey. As mayor, he played a key role in helping his residents to prepare for the storm, as well as in organizing first responders to assist those stranded by flooding. Since Hurricane Sandy he has worked to help those still struggling to rebuild. After seeing two families face tremendous difficulties with insurance, he organized Home by Summer, a relief effort aimed at raising funds to help these families rebuild their homes and return home by summer 2015.

Do you think we'll ever really make it home?

Teresa Keefe has lived in Belmar, New Jersey for more than fifteen years. On the night of Hurricane Sandy, first responders rescued Teresa and her family as the flood waters began to rise into their home. Nearly three feet of floodwater destroyed much of her one-story rancher as well as their personal belongings. In her narrative, Teresa talks about the challenges facing her family as they struggle to rebuild and return to their home.